• The Legend of Tartessos is a cycling stage race of UCI 2.S2 MTB Marathon category, in which you can also participate in the weekend challenge format.
  • It takes place in the surroundings of the town of El Rompido, in the municipality of Cartaya, province of Huelva, Spain.
  • This race can be done as an individual competition, in couples and as a team. Only those registered as single elite UCI can score UCI points and get the cash prize.  
  • It is consists of three marathon stages (XCM) and a time trial.
  • The Legend of Tartessos is part of the calendar of the International Cycling Union (UCI).
  • It will be held on 3, 4, 5 and 6 February 2022 and will be governed by UCI regulations.

The race consists of 4 stages:

  • Route of Light: Hotel Fuerte El Rompido – Islantilla Beach. 55 km with 700 m. difference in level.
  • Border Route: Huerto Ramírez – Huerto Ramírez. 50 km with 1,500 m. slope
  • Metal Route: Wharf of the Caravels – Riotinto Mines. 90 km with 2,000 m. slope
  • Atlantic Chrono. CRI Hotel Fuerte El Rompido – Hotel Fuerte El Rompido. 25 km. 500 m. slope.

The route will be duly marked with marks, especially at points such as crossings or streets.

Along the route, runners will encounter stretches of steep and demanding ups and downs. Each participant will decide which area is cyclable or requires going down and walking, depending on their level. The organisation is not responsible for accidents related to each participant’s skill or fitness level.

* Route subject to possible changes for reasons of race organisation.


Anyone who wishes to participate in this race must formalise their registration through the official website

For the registration to be valid, it is mandatory to fill in all the data requested in the form and pay the registration fees.

The registration is personal and non-transferable and entails the acceptance of all the articles of these regulations, as well as the conditions of purchase.

The registration fees are:
– €240 for those who register before January 10th, 2021.

Transfers of registration are not allowed free of charge, except for those participants who have taken out cancellation insurance, in which case they will be entitled to a SINGLE transfer of registration. For other cases regarding transferring registration to another person, consult the organisers for costs.

The organisation reserves 15 additional places, for commercial reasons and sponsorship commitments.

The registration period ends on January 10, 2022 or until registrations run out. The maximum registration quota is 600 participants.

If any of the stages are not finished, you can continue in the next one, but you will not be eligible for the finisher prizes and you will not count in the general classification.

  • The registration fee includes:
  • Right to participate in the 4 stages
  • Dorsal bicycles and dorsal leaf
  • Timing and results of each stage
  • Adhesives of the profiles of the stages
  • Medical care en route
  • Mechanical care en route (labor only)
  • Extensive safety device for bikers
  • Liquid and solid refreshments in the stages
  • Final refreshment at the Finish
  • Pick-up service for retirees en route
  • Bicycle washing service
  • Bicycle parking
  • Official jersey GOBIK The Legend of Tartessos
  • Finisher medal
  • Other gifts from race sponsors

In the event of disqualification or withdrawal from the race, the price of the registration will not be refunded in whole or in part.

Couples category:

  • All men
  • All women
  • Mixed


Legend of Tartessos Weekend (5 and 6 February, 2022)

  • Price: €150.
  • This category is limited to 120 participants.
  • This modality does not include UCI points, nor cash prizes.
  • These riders will take the start of each stage after the start of the race in the UCI category.
  • There will be podium of the general classification for this modality.


You have seven days for the full refund of the registration, counting from the date of payment, according to the regulations of the Retail Trade of Spain.

From there, in order to cancel a registration and be entitled to the refund of all or part of the fee, it is necessary to take out cancellation insurance. Without it, returns outside the legal deadline will not be accepted. In any case, a €3 charge is established for the return as a management fee.

This insurance has a cost of 15 euros that will not be returned under any circumstances.

The following periods and terms of return with contracted insurance are stipulated:

  • Until October 1, 2021……….. 100%
  • Until November 1, 2021…… 75%
  • Until December 20, 2021….. 50%

In the event of disqualification or withdrawal from the race, the price of the registration will not be refunded in whole or in part.

It includes the possibility of transferring the entry to a different person free of charge.

A charge of €3 on a return is established to cover management costs.

After these dates no amount will be refunded.

If you, as a participant, request the return of the registration for the following reasons:

  • 1. Positive for COVID-19 or another illness that prevents competition
  • 2. You are injured in some training
  • 3. You have personal issues or work-related matters
  • 4. Other

You must prove it with the corresponding official documentation.

If a participant does not have cancellation insurance, no money is returned from any registration made previously. In this case you could transfer the registration with an additional cost of 28 euros, up until February the 28th.


To participate in The Legend of Tartessos it is necessary to have a currently valid federation licence.

Those who do not have a federation cyclist licence can apply for a temporary one, valid only for this competition, approved by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC).

This licence has an additional cost of €10 per person per day and allows you to compete in the selected category, with the same rights as any other participant, except for the specific conditions that apply to the UCI Elite categories. This licence will be processed directly through the registration form.

Cycling touring or other sports licences will not be accepted.


If it is necessary to postpone the celebration of The Legend of Tartessos due to the health situation or some type of administrative restriction derived from it, alternative dates will be sought for its celebration, leaving all participants automatically registered for the new date.

In this case, those who have taken out cancellation insurance may request a refund of 100% of the registration.

Runners who have not paid this insurance will have the option of transferring their registration to a partner, but they will not be able to recover the amount of the registration if they do not participate in the new proposed date.

If it is definitively cancelled in this year’s edition, all participants will be able to choose between transferring their registration to the 2022 edition or requesting the refund of 100% of the registration.


To be able to participate in The Legend of Tartessos it is necessary to be 18 years old on January 1, 2022.

Registrants can participate in the following categories:

  • Élite UCI: A racer aged 18 or over on 1 January 2022 who holds a federation licence or takes out insurance for the trial.
  • Master 30: A racer who must be between 30 and 39 years old and who holds a Master federation licence for competitive cycling. If he or she holds an Elite licence, the racer will not be allowed to compete in this category.
  • Master 40: A racer who must be between 40 and 49 years old and who holds a Master federation licence for competitive cycling. If he or she holds a Master 30 licence, the racer will not be allowed to compete in this category.
  • Master 50: A racer who must be between 50 and 59 years old and who holds a Master federation licence for competitive cycling. If he or she holds an Elite, Master 40 or Master 30 licence, the racer will not be allowed to compete in this category.

Each category requires the participation of at least five competitors to be staged.

According to the regulations of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC), foreign participants holding a cycling licence not processed by the RFEC, must have a written authorisation from their national federation that certifies that their insurance is valid in Spain. This document must be presented to the Race Marshals to collect the back number.

Couples category:

  • All men
  • All women
  • Mixed

The start in each stage will be from box 4. All pairs will start from the same box and their classification will go to part of the individual ones.

If a team reaches the end of a stage or passage control (CP) with an interval of more than two minutes of difference between its members, a penalty of 10 minutes is assumed in the classification of the stage.

All teams that arrive at a checkpoint (CP) after its closing time are forced to leave the stage and will be transported to the end of the stage by the Organization, or receive directions on how to reach the end of the stage. stage safely. The closing time of the CPs will be informed to all teams in the week of the event through the race book. Unless indicated by the organization, participants are not obliged to stop at CPs.

Completing the route with other means than the individual physical effort of the participant and his own bicycle, supposes the disqualification of the team. Team members can push or pull each other as long as there is no physical / mechanical device connecting them or their bikes. Participants who are no longer officially classified can continue to participate in the event in a recreational way as long as they do not influence the development of the competition.

Failure to comply with this rule implies the expulsion of the test, without the possibility of continuing in it.



This competition follows the general regulations of the UCI and the specific rules of the BTT of the UCI.

Any illicit help will result in the disqualification of the participant. Any help outside the technical areas is not authorised and will mean disqualification.

Participants who are no longer officially classified can continue to participate in the event in a recreational way as long as they do not influence the smooth running of the competition. Failure to comply with these rules shall mean expulsion from the event, without the possibility of continuing.

If it is necessary to make a neutralised start, the race director will lead it with an official vehicle. When it retires and the stage starts, the neutralisation will end and the competition will begin. While the official vehicle is on the route, overtaking will be prohibited.

All participants must stay within the natural limits of the roads, paths etc., without cutting corners or taking shortcuts.

Abandoning or taking short cuts on the route set by the organisation will entail from a time penalty to disqualification, at the discretion of the organising committee.


Any participant who decides to abandon the race must inform the organisers as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the competition.

In an emergency, and always with a view to the safety of the participants, the organisers may compel the withdrawal of a participant from the competition.


The results of each stage will be established according to the time of each stage, plus penalties, if any. These times determine the rankings. 

Participants wear a chip that records their times that must be approved by the race marshals.

The following classifications will apply:

  • General
  • Élite UCI men
  • Élite UCI women
  • Máster 30 men
  • Máster 30 women
  • Máster 40 men
  • Máster 40 women
  • Máster 50 men
  • Máster 50 women

Only participants in the UCI Elite, male and female categories will earn UCI points and cash prizes.

If a participant does not complete a stage, he/she will not be considered a finisher.

UCI POINTS - As per the 2021 UCI Rules



Each stage has an award ceremony for each category.

The first three participants of each category and the leaders of the race, have a podium ceremony, which is mandatory. This will be held daily in the complex of the Fuerte El Rompido hotel, in the space set up for it.

This official awards ceremony does not exempt from what may or may not take place, informally, with the authorities of the places where the stages end.

The cash prizes will be paid by bank transfer, after the end of The Legend of Tartessos. To do this, participants will complete the documentation required by the organisation.

Participants who do not complete this documentation for the payment of prizes within 30 days after the end of the race, it will be understood that they refuse the cash prize and will lose their right to collect.

CASH PRIZES - Elite men and women



The bicycle used by the participants must comply with the UCI regulations, both in terms of technical and safety characteristics.

Changing bicycle half-way into a stage shall not be permitted, except in specific cases authorised by the organisers (falls, accidents, breakages, …). Changing bicycles is permitted between one stage and another.

Electrically-powered bicycles are not permitted except for organisation staff.


Participants in The Legend of Tartessos will wear the bib number on the front of the bike and on the racer’s back. None of them may be modified, nor may the electronic chip.

The leaders of the race will wear the leader’s jersey, awarded by the organisers. The participant who is in the leading position may place his/her own sponsors on the maillot, provided this leaves the leader’s maillot and back numbers visible.

The use of thermal or warm garments is the participants’ responsibility.

The use of a camera during the competition is not allowed, unless expressly authorised by the UCI commissioners.


Mountain biking is a sport that takes place in direct contact with nature. The Legend of Tartessos runs, in many sections, through areas with different levels of protection (natural landscapes, nature reserves …), so the effort to reduce the impact on the environment must be a continuous and collective task.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to throw away any type of litter along the route. Furthermore, participants must not stray outside the marked routes since they can alter the natural conditions of the area.

In the same way, respect must prevail among cyclists, commissioners, members of the organisation, members of the media and spectators.

Failure to comply with the above rules may result in a penalty, disqualification or expulsion by the organisers.

Any participant can be subjected to anti-doping control following the UCI regulations.

Participants release their image rights to the organisers. For this reason, any photograph or video taken during the days of the event and related to it may be used.

For reasons that the organisers consider justifiable (climatic, social conditions …) and always with a view to the best development of The Legend of Tartessos, the schedule or route of any stage may be amended.

The organisers accept no responsible for any expenses or debts that participants may incur during the course of the event.

Any complaint must be formally made to the commissioners and will be processed following the UCI regulations.

Registering in The Legend of Tartessos entails the acceptance and compliance with all the points of this regulation


Prior to departure, a control will be carried out following the COVID security protocols.

Separation of 1.5m between participants on the starting grid.

Individual provisioning.

Controlled access (maximum capacity) for Paddock, at the start and finish line.

Use of a mandatory mask until one minute before departure, and mandatory use of a mask in the common areas of the race. It is not mandatory to use it during the competition.

Maximum capacity of the test 1500 people, including participants and organization.

From the organization we will adapt the measures indicated by the health authorities based on the actual needs, in order to guarantee the safety of all participants and the correct development of the test.

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